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One can obtain a Rediffmail account by clicking "Sign Up" in the login section of the homepage. On the sign up page, a person will complete the sign up process by choosing and user name and password.

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Q: How does one go about obtaining a rediffmail login?
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How do you get internet on iPod touch in airplane in Canada?

If the plane offers wifi, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on the plane's wireless network. The plane may charge a fee or require a login. To deal with this, after connecting to the wifi, open Safari and there will be a page requesting a login and provide you a means of obtaining one. There may be a fee involved.

How does a person login to their Citibank account?

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How can one get to the login page of Bebo?

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How do you read your rediff mails into your gmail account?

1. Buy a premium e-mail service offered by Rediffmail.... Rs. 399 2. Go to Gmail Settings and on Account tab add an account with the rediffmail address. 3. Also be sure that you have added rediffmail address under 'Send mail as' option. 4. Ensuring all the three steps will allow your rediffmail emails to be diverted on your Gmail account.

How do you close your rediffmail account?

Hi,this is what i got from Rediffmail1.) If you do not log in for a continuous period of 30 days, then further incoming emails will be blocked.2.)Further, you need to log in at least once in 45 days. If you do not, all emails in your Inbox from the 46th day onwards, will be deleted.3.)Also, if you do not log in even once for a continuous period of 90 days, your account will become permanently inactive (deleted). Once this happens you will not be able to log in or use your Rediffmail account at all.4.) Exception to policies 1, 2 & 3 above: If you have subscribed for send SMS, POP3 access, Rediffmail Plus, Rediffmail Mobile or any other paid Rediffmail service; however, your account will remain active for the entire period of the subscription, i.e., even if you do not log in.

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What if you forgot your moshi monsters logins?

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How would someone sign up for a rediffmail account?

Like any other email a person would go on the Rediffmail sign up and put in their information. This email is served in India, but even if someone was to live out of country anyone can still sign up.