How does fruit grow on trees?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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as God has made everything in this world fruits are made by him and they are give seeds for each type of fruit

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Q: How does fruit grow on trees?
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What is the difference between forest trees and fruit trees?

fruit trees grow fruit and forest trees don't grow anything.

How do plants grow fruit?

Fruit are the swollen ovaries of fruit trees. The ovaries swell so that they can drop to the ground and produce more fruit trees. the trees grow and more fruit grows on the tree

What do you call a field where fruit trees grow?

a stand of fruit trees is called a GROVE. It can be called an orchard.bush

Fruit grow on trees?


Where fruit trees grow?

in a garden

Do avocado grow on trees?

Yes, they are the fruit of the avocado tree, Persia americana.

Is there a fruit does not grow on trees?

people fruits

What do grape fruit grow on?

Grapefruit trees.

What fruit is orchard fruit?

all fruits that grow off trees

Do cherries have roots?

Cherries are fruit. They grow on trees. The trees definitely have roots.

What fruits grow on fir trees?


Can you replant your fruit trees now?

no,they wont grow