How does dusclops evolve?

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Dusclops will evolve into Dusknoir when you trade it while holding the Reaper Cloth. Here are some directions on how to get a Reaper Cloth.

1. Go to the resort area. (You'll need a national pokedex and you have to have already beat the Elite 4.)

2.When you get there, stand in front of the Pokemon center and make a right from where you're standing at the hole in the fence.

3. Keep going straight until you see a female ace trainer ahead.

4. Make a left at where the ace trainer is.

5. Keep going left until you see some trees and a couple of small trees you can cut.

6. Cut one of the trees and go in.

7. Finally, go in and look for a pokeball (which is really an item). The pokeball is a reapers cloth.

Hope I helped!

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Q: How does dusclops evolve?
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