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draw for shotguns

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Q: How does a box-lock shotgun work?
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What is an 1870 12 GA dbl barrel Westley Richards shotgun worth?

1876 westly Richards boxlock what is it worth?

What is the age of a Lefever Arms Co 12 gauge shotgun that has Ithaca NY marked on it?

Depends on if it is sidelock or boxlock. Generally, 1916-1948.

What is the value of a ithaca 1904 lewis boxlock double barrel grade 5 engraved 12 gauge shotgun stamped?

Your shotgun will range in price from 1,325 dollars-3,000 dollars for a shotgun with between 10%-50% of its original finish remaining,good wood,and a good set of bores.

What is a boxlock?

Type of firearm action

Do the airsoft shotgun shells work with any airsoft shotgun?

yes it does

What is a sidelock shotgun and how does it differ from a boxlock shotgun?

A sidelock shotgun is exactly as it sounds. The locks are on the side of the stock instead of inside the action. A box lock has the hammer, sears, springs etc inside the action itself, side locks are primarily separate. They are attached to the action on the back and sides of it in the wood and the hammer, sears springs etc are contained therein. They can be detached without removing the action from the stock.

What is boxlock and sidelock you hear about on double rifles?

They refer to the type of action.

How does the safety work on mossberg shotgun?

No one Mossberg shotgun. Tell us what you have, we may be able to answer.

What is the age of an American Gun Co shotgun?

94 years old, +/- 20. If twist steel barrels and side hammers, more likely (but not absolutely) prior to WWI. If fluid steel and a boxlock (back hammers or hammerless) ALMOST certainly after c. 1905.

What is the value of a Nitro Special 12 gauge?

John - The Nitro Special name was used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. You didn't tell us what kind of a shotgun it is, but I suspect it is a break-open breech single shot or double barrel. It may have side-hammers, or a boxlock with rear hammers or a hammerless boxlock and the barrel(s) may be either laminated or fluid steel. All those things and the condition of the gun will affect the value. It MIGHT be worth $250 if it is a good to very good boxlock with fluid steel barrels or less than $10 for any variation in broken/worn out/rusted condition.

How do shotgun adjustable chokes work?

By opening up or constricting.

Would the browning a-5 parts work on the autowing shotgun?


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