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Press the control stick rapidly and press A.

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Q: How does Sonic the werehog do a mid dash jump?
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How do you do a mid dash jump on sonic unleashed?

I need to know how to do a mid dash jump on the wii on sonic unleashed

PS2 how to do a mid dash on sonic unleashed?

do a dash and double jump

How do you do a mid dash jump in were-hog form in sonic unleashed for the Wii?

I don"t no

Mid dash on wii sonic unleashed?

Shake the wii remote when you jump. Shake the wii remote when you jump. what if it doesent work

How do you grind on sonic riders?

on gamecube jump and in mid air press A again.

How do you do Mid dash on sonic unleashed?

Spin Dash???? You can only do it on Wii when the ountdown gets to 1 at the start shake the Wii Mote

What are sonic abilities?

Normal... Spin-dash Homing attack Super speed Super Sonic... Boost Invincibility Hyper Sonic... Mid-air boost/double jump Invincibility Wherehog... Arm stretch Strength Darkspine sonic... Flying Dark Sonic... Strength Anger Excalibur... Strength Flight Polar Sonic... Manipulate Ice Solar Sonic... Manipulate Fire Eco Sonic... Manipulate Plant Life Ultra Sonic Flight Manipulate Non-Living Matter and that's it! hope that helps.

How do you ground pound in sonic unleashed?

While in mid-jump, press the B or Z button. (Note this is for the Wii Version. I don't know how to on other consoles.)

What are the hidden moves in Sonic Advanced 2?

Sonic and Amy's Secret MoveThere is a secret move in "Sonic Advance 2" you can use to make either Sonic or Amy jump higher and farther than normal. Simply jump off from the end of a rail after grinding it and your character will do a mid-air somersault, allowing them even more height and distance on their dismount.Knuckles' Secret MoveKnuckles has a very effective secret move that you can use to make short work of any boss with the exception of the final one. Hold "A" while gliding until Knuckles starts gliding on his belly, then hold "Down." Releasing "A" once makes Knuckles duck down, and pressing it again completes the maneuver.

How do you do a grande jetea?

jump and kick your legs out mid jump

When will sonic RPG eps 10 come out?

Sonic RPG episode 10 will come in mid of 2014.

In game maker how do you double jump?

jump, and press jump in mid air. some characters can jump multiple times.