How does Maria Robotnik die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maria was shot by a soldier, but she didn't die until she had released Shadow from an escape pod towards earth.

According to Sonic Battle, her last words were "Bring hope to humanity." which makes it seem like she died after she had appeared to in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic X and Shadow the Hedgehog. Where her final words seemed to be "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." or "Adios, Shadow the Hedgehog." in the Japanese version.

When She died it wasnt just because she was shot she took the shot for Shadow and when he released him down to earth she couldn't bear for what she did she didnt die peacefully but at least she saw Shadow before she died

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Q: How does Maria Robotnik die?
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Who is gyro robotnik?

Gyro robotnik is Maria and shadow's son and has 2 sisters airy ( starchild ) robotnik and ember robotnik.

Who does Shawdow the Hedgehog love?

Maria Robotnik.

Who is ember robotnik?

She is the daughter of shadow the hedgehog and Maria the hedgehog and her brother is Gerald "gyro" shade robotnik and a sister airy "starchild" robotnik.

Where can you get a maria the hedgehog?

Maria the hedgehog does not exist. She is a hedgehog version of Maria Robotnik made by fans.

Who is Gerald Robotnik?

he was the creator of shadow the hedgehog using black dooms blood. and he was maria robotnik, and eggman's grandfather

Who is merina from Sonic the Hedgehog?

Maria robotnik is proffessor gerald robotnik's granddaughter. Marine the racoon i don't know.

How old is Dr Robotnik?

nobody really knows for sure since sega didnt tell us, but in my opinion she looks about in between 13 and 16 But the wiki....... said she is the age of 12 when she died or something like that. For more info go to Maria robotnik in google!!!

How old is maria the hedgehog?

There isnt a maria the hedgehog bu there is a maria robotnik who is 14 and is shadow the hedgehog's friend.

Is Maria Robotnik Maria the hedgehog?

No. Maria is a human. She was Gerald Robotniks grandaughter and Ivo Robotnik's (Dr. Eggman's) cousin. Maria lived on Space Colony Ark with Shadow the hedgehog and was killed when Ark was overrun by G.U.N. soldiers. So no, Maria was not a hedgehog, but her best friend was one.

Is human maria robotnik better then hedgehog maria?

Yes because she's the ultimate lifeform's girlfriend

Is robotnik maria?

She was Gerald Robotnik's grandaughter and Dr. Ivo Robotnik's cousin. She was Shadow the Hedgehog's best friend and when she was shot by G.U.N, she did it to protect Shadow and they are still best friends to this day; and forever

Who killed Maria Robotnik?

A GUN solider killed Maria by firing a bullet at her whilst she was trying to help Shadow the Hedgehog escape from the Ark.