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Every day from 3pm-4pm, Daisy will massage your Pokemon once daily.

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Q: How does Daisy groom your Pokemon 5 times in Pokemon soul silver?
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How do get daisy to groom the Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to her house between the hours of 3-4 P.M. If you let her groom the same one 8 or 5 times she'll give you Blue's phone #. Sources: myself

How do you get blue's phone number in Pokemon soul silver?

1. Have your Pokemon at max happiness. 2. Make sure your Pokemon have been massaged by Daisy Oak seven times. 3. After BOTH of these have been done, talk to Daisy Oak on Sunday night to get Blue's number.

How do you get daisy oak to give you blues number in pokemon soulsilver?

show her a Pokemon with full hapiness (lol) and have her massage it 5 times.(lol+) (:

What do you do after you beat red 2 times in Pokemon soul silver?


How many times can you battle red in Pokemon soul silver?

you can fight him as many times as you want

In Pokemon Gold and Silver how many times do you battle red?

As many times as you want

How many times can you beat trainer red in Pokemon soul silver?


How do you battle blue in soul silver if he wants to take a picture?

Get a massage from daisy, his sister in pallet town for one of your pokemon for 5 days. this increases their happiness and after 5 times she will give you blue's phone number. She is available from 3-4 pm

Which is more rare silver or gold?

Pokemon silver is more rare than gold but Pokemon crystal is more rare than Pokemon silver or any other Pokemon game.

Can you rebattle Red in Pokemon Gold And Silver?

yes. many times u want

Why can't you battle bug maniac Brandon 5 times to get the silver powder in Pokemon Emerald?

you have use the move theif on one of his pokemon i forgot which pokemon to do it on

How do you get Godzilla in Pokemon soul of silver?

You take a revive and use it on your arceus OVER 9000 times