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He blows up the enemy ship with himself on board.

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Q: How does Commander data die in Star Trek nemesis?
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What was brent spiner's role in Star Trek?

In star trek the next generation, Brent spiner played lieutenant commander Data.

What is the name of the android on Star Trek The Next Generation?

Lt. Commander Data is the main android character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In which science fiction series is Commander Data a character?

Commander Data is a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Commander Data is unique person in the series, because he's not human but an android.

Who are the GUYS on the boat in the Star Trek intro?

You may be referring to the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew on a Holodeck, sailing on a 19th century naval ship (also called the Enterprise). That film is Star Trek: Generations. The characters that were present in that scene are Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Commander Data, Commander LaForge, Lt. Commander Worf, Counsellor Troi, and Dr. Crusher.

When was Data - Star Trek - created?

Data - Star Trek - was created in 1987.

How did Data die?

Data died because of his humanity. Since data has a program to let him do sacrifices, he decided to sacrifice himself. To save his captain and the enterprise. His last words where: Good bye. Data died in the movie star trek Nemesis. He still lives in our hearts.

In 'Star Trek what is Data's rank?

Lt. Commander Data is a Soong-type sentient android who served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701 D, a Galaxy Class Starship of the Federation. He was played by Brent Spiner.

Who was Lore from Star Trek?

Data's Brother

Who plays Data on Star Trek?

Brent Spiner played the role of 'Data' .

Could data from Star Trek get high from smoking weed?


How could you verify the accuracy of a data?

Data is a robot from Star Trek, he makes no mistakes. He is 100% accurate.

What episode of Star Trek do Data and Tasha Yaar kiss?

the naked now.