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You don't give it to shaymin, you use it on him. When you use it, your game takes you to the party screen like if you used a potion. You then choose Shaymin and it will transform.

Also, he changes back at night no matter what, but you can just use it on him again when its daytime.

Electriranger- Don't forget that the Gradicea flower is in the Key items pocket, so you can use it over and over again.

It also transforms when it's asleep and when you put it in the PC box.




Silver*: Psh you got that right lol ^^ TY for the answer.

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Q: How do you you give shaymin the gracidea flower om Pokemon platinum?
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Where is the flower for shaymin in Pokemon platinum?

the gracidea flower

How do you get Gracidea flower in Pokemon Diamond?

Find someone who has Pokemon platinum then tell them to get a shaymin and a gracidea flower then tell them to use the flower on the shaymin and then trade it. PS you cant trade the gracidea flower because it is in the key item

How do you get the Gracidea on platinum?

you get the gracidea in floaroma city from a girl that has blond hair but to make her give it to you you need a shaymin that you captured in platinum in the flower paradise. I did it and a have a shaymin and the gracidea

Where do you find the gracidea flower in Pokemon platinum UK?

you find it at florama you need to have a shaymin in your party

How do you get a gracidea flower on Pokemon Diamond?

The gracidea flower item cannot be obtained in Pokemon Diamond, since Shaymin's Sky Forme is only available in Platinum and later games.

How do you change shaymin's form in Pokemon platinum?

Go to a girl in Floaroma Town and get the Gracidea Flower from her. Give the Gracidea Flower to Shaymin for it's sky form. The Gracidea Flower does not work at night.

Will Shaymin turn into her Sky Form when you trade her to Pokemon Platinum?

Shaymin will transform into Sky Forme, when, yes, it's in Pokemon Platinum and when a Gracidea Flower is used during the Day. Shaymin revert back to Land Forme when it's Night or put in the PC. To get the Gracidea Flower, show the woman with the blonde hair in Floaroma Town Shaymin and she'll give you the flower.

How do you get the Gracidea flower after talking to the blond lady?

You'll have to have Shaymin in the Party and talk to her, then she'll notice your Shaymin and give you the Gracidea Flower. (Platinum only.)

What if you have Shayming and you talk to the blond lady and she doesn't give you the Gracidea Flower in Pokemon Platinum?

The blond lady in Floaroma Town will only give you the Gracidea Flower if you have a specific Shaymin in your party meaning your Shaymin has to be either an event Shaymin or the Shaymin that was caught in the Flower Paradise in Pokémon Platinum, no other Shaymin will work not even ones that were hacked.

When can you get the gracidea flower in Pokemon platinum?

In the town above jubilife city, there is a woman who gives you it when you show her a event Shaymin.

What is the code for gracidea flower on Pokemon diamond?

shaymin sky forme is only available in platinum and gen. 5

How do you get the gracidea flower on platinum?

first you have to get shaymin and talk to a lady near the flower shop in floaroma town and she will give you te gracidea flower