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Its not so easy. First, go to the door. Then, press attic while going out the door. When you go outside you will be invisible. Then go in the pond and swim backwards till you get to a dock. Then exit the fishing and go to the vp. That is how to do the glitch. If you want to know how to do more glitches watch YouTube video's to learn!

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Q: How do you you do cog suit glitch in toontown?
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How do you do the cog suit glitch in toontown without having an ssf?

there was a glitch but they fixed it.

How do you become a cog in toontown easy?

A. Hack.. B. Get a cog suit

What is the glitch for the cog suit on toontown?

What you do is: First, you go to your house and do the invisible glitch To do the invisible glitch you go to your attic while you are walking out the door. (This takes a lot of practice but you will get it eventually. You need to be standing as close to the door as possible without going through it, then as soon as you click it walk through the door.) Then go do VP (or CFO, Court Justice, CEO, whatever you intend on doing) they will see you in your cog suit in the lobby but you can't fight during the battle. when you're done you will go to the playground in your cog suit

In toontown how do you get a cog suit?

Well the sellbot suit is easy! You need factories and every time you beat it, you get a cog suit part! And you need all the parts to go in. That's all!

How do you get the cog suit on toontown?

You do the factory and win 10 times. Every time you win you get a new cog part and theres ten cog parts.(only for sellbot)

Can you be a cog on toontown?

At the moment, Toontown hasn't given toons the ability to "become a cog". You CAN, however, dress up in a cog SUIT, once you have collected enough Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, or Bossbot suit parts. You can start collecting the Sellbot parts right away, but you need to get to Donald's Dreamland before you can start completing Toontasks to collect the Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot suit parts. :) You can only wear your cog suit in the Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, or Bossbot lobbies. Your new cog suit also comes with sweet built-in cog phrases! let me be a cog ples

On toontown which cog holds the goldfish receipt?

any cog in toontown central

Do you have to become a member to become a cog in toontown?

No matter what you cant be a cog on toontown! Why would the makers of toontown do that?

How do you upgrade your sellbot cog suit when you have enough merits in Toontown?

when you have enough merits and you have a promotion, go fight the vp and your sellbot cog suit will level up. if you play toontown and you see a toon named "Looney Man", go ahead and become friends with me but ONLY toons that has a payed membership.

Who invented the cog not on toontown?

Cog11 invented the cog

Where is cog building in toontown that you can get into if you are not a member?

in toontown central

Is their a new cog HQ in toontown?

There are only 4 Cog Headquarters in ToonTown. Sellbot, Bossbot, Cashbot, and Lawbot.