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You go into the shop there is to the right of the mysterious stranger. Then you talk to mysterious Johnson, when you talked to him you find yourself in a room where you can push a button to unleash a ghost. Do this and talk to mysterious johnson again, you will know see that there is a bar called ghost shop, press it and either buy a ghost trap or pick the free one, the worse ghost trap the less chance of capturing a ghost, equip it to your mecha. now go to the mysterious stranger and press ghost hunt (the ghost are at lv.1 instead of if you do it while talking to mysterious johnson there the ghost are lv.6) fight the ghost until its life points are low, then use the ghost trap and hope for a catch. The free ghost trap only have like 20% of catching a ghost, so i allways pick the used one, because i dont wanna use so much money on the better ones.

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Q: How do you you deliver 13 ghost in mechquest?
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