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umm i guess trade alot of Pokemon untilll the id #s match

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Q: How do you win the lucky number show on Pokemon gold edition?
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Where do you get master balls in Pokemon Gold?

you talk to this guy in a city or win lucky number show

Where to find lucky egg in Pokemon gold?

Use Theif On A Wild Chansey

Where do you catch a burmy on Pokemon diamond?

slather honey on a gold tree and hope you get lucky

Are there any new Pokemon in gold heart or soul silver?

maybe u'll be lucky if u find a hoenn Pokemon or something

How do you catch all 3 legendary Pokemon in gold?

just look around and hope you get lucky

How much is a 22k gold plated limited edition Pokemon worth?

usually around 15 dollars

How much is Pokemon Gold version worth?

Today a never played still in the box edition of Pokemon gold is priced around $98.44 compared to when it first came out it cost about $35.00 a used gold sells for around $42.00

What is the total number of Pokemon can caught in Pokemon gold version?


What is Ledyba's number on pokemon?

On pokemon heart gold lebyda is number 165 in the others i dont now.

In Pokemon heart gold how do you get volkners phone number?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [::[]::] [::[]::] -/\-

How do you get Mary and oaks number on Pokemon Heart Gold?

You cannot get Mary's number. You get Oak's number at the beginning when you visit Mr. Pokemon.

What are the Chinese lucky colors?

The Chinese lucky colours are mainly red and gold.