How do you use the odd keystone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go to Hearthome city and move in one of those transfer tunnles all the way to the left, then go in the grass and look all the way down. talk to the little karate guy he will u it first you head over to route 208 and battle a ninja at the bottom of the screen and after you beat him talk to him and he gives you the odd keystone or go to twinleaf town and then surf in the pond and on the left of the pond in the middle of the trees there is an odd keystone there There are three ways of getting odd keystone. 1st off the karate guy near the honey tree in route 208. 2nd on the west tree in the pond in twinleaf town. 3rd digging in the underground after beating the elite four (very rare though) Hope this helps! In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum you can sometimes find an Odd Keystone underground. You can also obtain one outside of Hearthome city. If you go left out of town and directly down, you should see a man in a karate gi, he will give you one. mine it out underground in Pokemon pearl or Pokemon diamond

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Q: How do you use the odd keystone?
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You have the odd keystone and have met 100 people but you cant place the odd keystone in the tower?

you have to put the odd keystone in the tower first then meet the people if you dont put the odd keystone in first then you dont get a spirtomb

Were do you get an odd keystone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. The Odd Keystone is only obtainable in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You will need to trade a Pokemon with an Odd Keystone to get it on SoulSilver.

On Pokemon pearl where do you find the 2 odd keystone on route 209?

you get an odd keystone underground

How do you place the odd keystone in the tower?

You find the odd keystone and go to the tower. Then face it and press a.

What happens when the karate guy does not give you the odd keystone in Pokemon pearl?

The Odd Keystone is given to you by a man on route 208

What do you do with the odd keystone HG?

You take the odd keystone to the hallowed tower and then you get a spiritomb But you have to do other things to. I think you might have to beat the pokemon league

How do you insert the odd keystone into the Hallowed tower in Pokemon platinum?

you press the a button on it when you get the odd keystone. to get spiritomb there,you have to meet 32 people underground.

Where Do Find The Odd Keystone?

You can get it by digging underground.

Where in twinleaf town is the odd keystone?

in a house

What to do after putting both odd keystones in?

After putting odd keystone in talk to 30 friends wirelessly and then press a in front of the keystone tower you will find spirittomb.

Where is the Hallowed Tower?

The hallowed tower is in solaceon town but you will se it says stone tower that's because you need to dig up the odd keystone underground then walk up to it and use the odd keystone now it's the hallowed tower

How do you put odd keystone in Halloed Tower in Pokemon Diamond?

You walk up to the crumbled tower and press "A" and it will say the odd keystone looks like it will fit.