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The itemfinder works when it finds a secret item around your current area for example on One island if you go south you can reach a treasure beach using the itemfinder you can spot hidden items and dig them up. Also if you use it where snorlax and Giovanni and mr fuji used to be you will find super secret items.

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Q: How do you use the itemfinder on Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get a soothe bell in Pokemon FireRed?

Use the itemfinder where Mr. Fuji was in the Pokemon Tower.

How do you get the items that the itemfinder finds in Pokemon FireRed?

Press "A" on the right spot xD

Where to buy ether on firered?

you cant. you have to use the itemfinder

Where do you get the itemfinder in Pokemon FireRed?

You should be able to receive an Itemfinder off one of Professor Oak's aides on Route 11. However, you need to have captured 30 Pokemon or more to receive it.

Where are items found on maps for Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

Go to professor oak, Talk to him, he will give you the "super itemfinder" use it when using the map

Where do you get a sooth bell in Pokemon FireRed?

using the intem finder while standing where Mr. Fuji was in the Pokemon tower

How do you use a itemfinder in FireRed?

when you have got the itemfinder. Click start then click on bag and then press the right button on your +control pad. click on the itemfinder then click use. The itemfinder will detect any items around you that are berried.

How do you catch the idemfinder on Pokemon FireRed?

Find the oak aide that gives you the itemfinder which should be in the big building east of vermilion city he will ask if you have recorded 30 Pokemon in your pokedex if you did say Yes he will give you the itemfinder.

What places should you use the itemfinder in firered?

. underground path in Celedon city

Use itemfinder on Pokemon Yellow?

Just find the itemfinder press A and select 'use' then you're using it!

Where do you get a pp max in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find it on two island in the larger pond next to the waterfall, on the little patch of land to the right. Step on land and use the itemfinder.

What are some Pokemon firered secrets?

Answer:Here's A Secret: thery're a secret(; You could use the itemfinder where you find zapdos and get a thunderstone. also you find mewtwo in cerulean cave.