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To drill with the hard hat on you put on the hard hat and make sure you aren't wearing anything else. Not even a bracelet or shoes or anything. Then you press d on the keyboard that would originally make your penguin dance but with the hard hat on you drill.

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Q: How do you use the hard hat in clubpenguin?
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Where can you find the hard hat on clubpenguin?

at the stadium

How do you get a hard hat in clubpenguin?

u can get a hard hat in cp not alwase somtime when Gary fixsis the aqaugraber its free and orange by famouse gold

Can you still get a hard hat on clubpenguin?

Yes. Right now they are in the mine. They're a little hard to get to but yes, they are there

How do you get the Santa hat on clubpenguin?

If you want the Santa Hat then you should wait until the Christmas Party on Clubpenguin.

How do you get the bucket hat on clubpenguin?

at a party?

Where is the Santa hat pin on clubpenguin?

There is not a santa hat pin, there never is |-|

Can you get the beta hat on clubpenguin?

the beta hat was out during a aniversery party. you can not get it anymore.

What do you use the hard hat on Poptropica?

you use the hard hat for the mine all the way down on the bottom of nabooti island on poptropica

What jobs use hard hat?

the only job that uses a hard hat is for mining, which anyone can get at the mine.

How do you get a hard hat?

if you want to get a hard hat on clubpenguin on map on the mine 3.go inside the mine 4.go into the cave next to puffle rescue on the hard hat next to the cave door -Moo55896 tell me if this works on cp im almost always on snow drift

How do you get rockhoppers hat in clubpenguin?

You enter the code SOMBRERO

What is a beta hat cheat for Clubpenguin in 2011?