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Go to a place that allows you to use navigation enhancing gear. Then click the item that looks like the gravity coil and jump.

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Q: How do you use the gravity coil on Roblox?
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Where can I use gravity coil in roblox?

You can use the gravity coil in various Roblox games where it is enabled by the game developer. Look for games that have a mechanic or feature that allows players to use items like the gravity coil for unique gameplay experiences.

How much is a gravity coil on roblox?

The gravity coil costs 250 Robux.

What is the glitch on roblox flood escape to make thte gravity coil jump higher?


How do you use the gear in ROBLOX. I bought a gravity coil but when i try to use it in sci-fi lobbies where it said sci-fi gear is allowed it doesn't show in my inventory?

? sorry

How do you toss the gravity coil in roblox?

To toss tools press backspace when your holding them. To drop a hat press the equals button --stupididiot109

What are some glitches on Roblox?

You can get a welded brick that covers your two legs and they will stick together and make you fly. You can also fly using the gravity coil gear. First, get the gravity coil and go to a place were it allows it. Next, jump with the gravity coil equipped. When you start falling down put it back into your inventory. When you're about to hit the ground put it back out again and you will go higher then last time. Continue doing this and you will go higher and higher.

What are gear codes on roblox?

Gravity Hammer- 33866846

Can you use GUI's in personal servers on roblox?

No, you have to use roblox studio for that.

How you build on roblox?

Use the Roblox Studio.

What account do all admin use on ROBLOX?


How do you use your sets on the updated roblox?

Roblox studio then roblox site will tell u rest

How do you use Roblox hacks?

you can use roblox studio to hack other people games too