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To use StretchSkeleton, press Ctrl+Sift+C for the cheat box, then type "StretchSkeleton #" The place with # means a number, but I'm not sure how far you can go with that lol.

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Q: How do you use stretchskeleton on the sims 2?
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How do you make short sims on sims2?

try typing = stretchskeleton in the cheat bar

Is there a cheat in The Sims to make yourself small?

ahh one of my favorites, stretchskeleton # ( 1 is normal and I think 2 is the highest and then .1 smallest.

How do you make sims shorter on sims2?

press Ctrl+Shift+C, then type in stretchskeleton 8.99, then enter

How do you undo cheats on Sims 2 for PC?

Hi. Sorry this is long. Ok, for any boolprop cheats, you replace true with false. For stretchskeleton, you replace whatever you did with 1. Anything else, you replace on with off. Twilight Maniac

Can you use sims 2 body shop on The Sims 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Sims 2 Body Shop on Sims 3.

Can I use sims 2 to play sims 2 university that is after installing sims 2 then sims 2 university while using the sims 2 icon on the desktop?


How do you make monster high people on sims 2?

bring up the cheat box (control + shift + c) and type in StretchSkeleton (no space) then to make your Sim the tallest possible and maybe make them invisible type in StretchSkeleton 100000000000000000000000000000000000.0 (there are 35 zeros then .0) 1.0 is normal. once you restart the game all cheat codes will deactivate. but you can add as many 0s as you want without going over 35

How do you create hairstyles on the Sims 2?

Use sims 2 body shop

What are some Sims 2 cheat codes for PC?

Here are a few that I know: motherlode: gives 50,000 simoleans boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true: debugging mode UnlockCareerRewards AspirationLevel 5 AspirationPoints 20000 moveobjects on stretchskeleton aging on maxMotives forcetwins (do it alot of times)

Can you use the Sims 2 pets expansion pack on Sims 2 deluxe disc Or does it only work on sims 2?

yes you can

What sims 2 for PC games install sims 2 seasons for PC?

Well, it depends. You can either use The Sims 2 PC DVD thingy or The Sims 2 Deluxe Addition. I use The Sims 2 PC DVD one and it worked! So, happy gaming!

Can you install The Sims triple deluxe with The Sims 2?

the triple deluxe is a different game than the Sims 2 so you can install it but they will now operated together since the Sims 1, and 2 are not compatible you cant play them at the same time or use Sims 2 expansion packs on the Sims one and you cant use Sims 1 expansion packs with the Sims 2