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They don't allow numbers (1, 2, 3) to be used in open chat because they are afraid that little kids can give stalkers and random people they don't even know about their address, telephone number, age, etc., but you can use some coding to sneak some numbers over the filter (for example, say "tin" as in "tin can" to imply the number 10), but you might be caught and banned and/or muted for jumping around the filter though.

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Q: How do you use numbers in wizard101?
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What are the wizard101 codes?

Codes are words or a string of numbers that you put in to that give you promotional items.K545D-LL49L-24L9M-8L886Redeem this at

On wizard101 does subscribe use only the time your playing?


What is the wizard101 phone number?

no they do not most people make the numbers up By:max s johnson

How do record a video in wizard101?

The only way to record a video in wizard101 is(that I know of) to go to wizard101. Options. Gameplay options. Fullscreen>off. Then use a screen recorder (such as hypercam 2) to record the window.

How do you use your pet on wizard101?

they just follow you that was a weird question. how do you use snacks for pets

Does wizard101 have virus?

No, Wizard101 has no viruses if you install it from

How much GB does wizard101 use?

Wizard101 itself will take up more than 500 MB. But you will need at least the minimum 5.0 GB of disk space for it to run. For more info go to the Wizard101 FAQ's.

How do you use mist wood in wizard101?

Usually in grassy or watery areas.

How do you get into fire cat wizard101?

you need to have crowns or use this code 444522135165

What cheat coad do you use on wizard101 to get 1000 crowns?

There is no cheat code.

Can you use a debit card on Wizard101?

As long as your debit card has a major credit card logo, like Visa or Mastercard, it will work to purchase a subscription to Wizard101.

How does a wizard101 promo code look like?

Wizard101 codes can be random letters and numbers or a set word. Set words like (old) Castle Frog Summer Dragon Audiancevotingreward (works at time of post!) remember