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there is no godmode on black ops if it is a hack i would not know

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Q: How do you use godmode black ops what do you press?
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How do you get godmode on Call of Duty Black Ops zombies?

With a modded gamesave or a jtag. Jtags will get you ip banned, but you can use Modio to download a gamesave instead. Jtags will let you mod the game online if you're host.

Can you get just ascension for black ops?

You run in, press circle, then use the analog stick to crawl.

How do you use the flamethrower attachment in Call of Duty Black Ops?

Press right on the direction pad. Simple.

Can you use a knife in call of duty black ops on the wii?

if ur using the classic controller u press X

How do you use the landers on Call of Duty Black Ops Ascension?

Walk up to the lander and press square (PS3) or X (Xbox).

What is the actual knife used in call of duty black ops not how do you use it but what brand is the knife?

Press the analog stick to use the knife, I don't know for wii.

Can you use headphones on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Yes you can use headphones in Call of Duty: Black Ops

How do you use the computer on black ops in the lobby?

When mason is sitting in chair at beginning, alternate pulling right and left triggers quickly, and he will wrestle out of restraints and stand. Once upright navigate mason over to computer and press x when prompted...

How do you do the zipline in black ops?

If you are talking about online, then all you do is go to the map with the ziplines.... which is "Kowloon" , find them, walk up to them, and it tells you which button to press to use it. xD

Can you use a mod on black ops?


How do you use a care package on call of duty black ops wii?

all u have to do is go up to the care package and press the right button i belive it shows u wat button to press but on ps3 all you have to do is press and hold square

Can you use killstreak in Call of Duty Black Ops on the ds?

i belive so! and they have black ops for the ds?