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it does not work for every game but say if you are trying to get more money type in the amount of money and do first scan then buy something so the amount of money changes thrn go to cheat engine and type the new number and press next scan one or two numbers should show up on the list to the left for more help go to YouTube and ask how to use cheat engine on the game that you are playing

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Q: How do you use cheat engine on armor games?
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Games to use cheat engine 5.4?

You can use cheat engine on any flash game, if you are looking for games to use this on try kongerate armor games and find things that have money or points that you can change.

Can you use cheat engine for xbox games?

no, cheat engine uses xbox can not run .exe programs

What is cheat engine used for?

To get cheats on video games and stuff.

Does cheat engine harm the games you use it on?

it will i had cheat engine 6.1 and it messed up my game forever plants vs zombies

How do you use cheat engine on data worm?

Do too. I make hacks for games

How do you use cheat engine for zwinky?

you cant get a cheat using cheat engine sorry

How do you hack dofus armor?

You can't its all in a system holding info so even if u use something like cheat engine it will show that u have hacked armor but you wont really its updated and serviced to much

How do you hack flash games on Google Chrome with Cheat Engine?

you could use cheat engine other than that your can use a website with hacks on it which you dont need to do its already done

What cheat engine can you use for miscrits?

probably cheat engine 5.5

How do you use cheat engine 6.1 cartown?

how do you use cheat engine 6.1 in car town

Is there a way to cheat?

Depending on what you're trying to cheat in...Yes. You can use "Cheat Engine" for most single player games like: Mount & Blade and Half Life 2

Use gaia cheat engine?

You cannot cheat on any online game, it just doesn't work and you can get banned. You can use it on non-online games, though. Selfish brat.