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Blaze Powder isn't 'used' as an inventory item, but it is used in brewing and crafting, for example,

Blaze Powder + Slime Ball = Magma Cream.

Blaze Powder + Ender Pearl = Eye of Ender.

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Q: How do you use blaze powder in minecraft?
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What is the use of blaze powder in minecraft?

Blaze powder is mainly used as a crafting and brewing ingredient

How do you use blaze powder on minecraft?

You obtain blaze powder from blazes. Blazes are found in the nether. The spawner are found in Nether fortresses. They look like destroyed castles. Then when you kill a blaze, JUST put the blaze rod in a crafting bench. The rod should be powder. Nether -> Fortress -> Spawner -> Blaze -> Blaze Rod -> Crafting table -> Powder

How do you mix blaze powder with a eye of end er on Minecraft?

The eye of ender does not need to be mixed with blaze powder. You can MAKE an eye of ender by putting blaze powder and an ender pearl in the crafting grid in your inventory or a crafting table.

How do you make the eye of ender in Minecraft?

Craft an Enderpearl and Blaze Powder together

How to make endereyes in minecraft?

You can make eye of the enders with an enderpearl a blaze powder.

How do you make blaze powder in Minecraft?

make it by putting a blaze rod in ur crafting square 2 by 2or 3 by 3

How do you use an end portal in minecraft?

Get some ender pearls by killing endermans and blaze powder which is crafted from blaze rods which can be obtained from killing blaze in the Nether. Craft eye of ender using ender pearls and blaze powder. Right click with the eye of ender on the end portal frame. Activate all frames to activate the portal.

How do you craft an Eye of Ender in minecraft?

kill a lot of blazemen (in the nether) and endermen to get a lot of enderpearls and blazerods. in your crafting table put the blaze rod in to make blaze powder, then get a blaze powder and put it next to a enderpearl, you have an 'eye of ender'

What can you do with blaze rods in minecraft?

It can be used to make a Brewing Stand, to brew Potions. Also, it can be crafted into Blaze Powder. They can also be used as fuel in a furnace.

How do you make a fire charge in minecraft?

Craft together 1 blaze powder, 1 coal, and 1 gunpowder.

How do you make a fireball potion in Minecraft?

There are no fireball potions in Minecraft but to make a fire charge you place a coal, gunpowder and blaze powder anywhere on the crafting grid to get 3 charges.

What are the ingredients to make a strength potion on minecraft?

With a water bottle, brew it with nether wart to make the awkward potion. Then kill blazes by yourself(without any crusher) to get a blaze rod. Turn the blaze rod into blaze powder and brew the blaze powder with the awkward potion to recieve the strength potion. Now here's a map to brew it. water bottle+ nether wart= awkward potion + blaze powder= strength potion + glowstone(optional)= strength potion 2