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first off, you buy an armour set in the Grand Exchange or from another player. These items will be in a box when purchased.

Then with the box in your inventory, you right click the Grand Exchange Clark, and select sets.

With the screen that pops up, you click onto your inventory (with the screen still up) and right click the box and select 'exchange'.

If trying to create a box to sell then you will have all of the pieces of armour that you want to make into a set, these must include (Kiteshield, Platebody, Platelegs and Full Helm). then right click on the Grand Exchange Clark, and find the right set for you. So for example rune armour set (Sp), then right click that in the screen and select Exchange and all of the pieces of armour in your inventory will be transformed into a box with all of the pieces on, so that you can sell them all in one Grand Exchange slot.

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Q: How do you use an armour set on runescape?
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Yes you can! Just have them set their house to open/friends and use your armor with their armor stand.

Is the Satan oracle armor real on RuneScape?

There is no such armour in RuneScape. If such a set existed, it would a) exist on the Grand Exchange, and b) have an article on the RuneScape Wikipedia (both official and unofficial Wikis).

How do you use edgeville furnace runescape?

you need to get varrock armour and you also have to be a member

In RuneScape How do you get the amor out of the amor set?

To exhange the armour set for the armour itself, right click on a Grand Exchange clerk and click the 'Sets' button. Then right click the set you want to exchange, click exchange. Drast

How much does full Sara cost on Runescape?

Blue d'hide blessed set - 1.33M - 1.47M Saradomin armour set - 3.8M - 4.2M

How much is gilded RuneScape?

Taken from the Grand Exchange on Gilded armour set (l) 2.8m Gilded armour set (sk) 2.4m Take a look at the grand exchange to view the current price.

How do you make armour on RuneScape?

You mine your minerals, smelt them, and form them into armour.

Runescape how to change your amour by using the spining emote?

Use the emote and quickly equip your armour.

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For the original use fighter torso available at pest control a rune defender a helm of neitznot and last but not least rune pl legs!

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Players can't trim armour in runescape, it is a common petty scam used by players to get other players armour. It's an old scam, and only mentally ill players would still use it.

RuneScape cheats how to get black armor fast?

There are no RuneScape cheats. You can buy black armour on the Grand Exchange, or (in parts) in different specialized armour shops.