How do you use add ons in PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All you do is download it from PlayStation Store then when it is done downloading it need to be installed then it can be opened when the game disc is in the ps3

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Q: How do you use add ons in PS3?
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How do you get the PS3 update for FIFA 11?

Playstations that are connected to the internet get game updates when the game is placed in the PS3. If you mean Add ons and not updates even free add ons must be gotten from the PlayStation Store.

Where can you download Soul Calibur IV Add-ons?

PS3 = PlayStation Network Store. (Go to Game Add-ons --> Q-S --> SCIV) I am unsure about Xbox.

Where do you buy and download a DLC for PS3?

DLCs are for games and when they are out for PS3 game they can be found at the PlayStation Store under Add ons

How do you Buy Add-On Content on PS3?

Go into PLAYSTATION STORE and select game add-ons and there is an A-Z of games and all their add-ons like COD5/4 map packs LBP costumes etc...

How do you download boot pack for fifa 12 on ps3?

For any PS3 game add ons you must get them from the Playstation Store on the Playstation Network

How do you get your just cause 2 ps3 add ons to work i have just bought just cause 2 for my ps3 and i bought the aerial blackmarket package and its not in the black market do i need to beat the game?

Besides downloading you do need to install many add ons and that may be your problem. On Rezurrection it took much longer to install than to download. I have not gotten the Just Cause 2 add ons, but all add ons must be dowmnloaded after purchase and then most must be installed.

Do you have to download any add-ons for resident evil 5 on the PS3 to play online co-op?


How do you download 2k12 for your ps3?

Downloads on the PS3 for games and add ons must be purchased from the Playstation Store. You can not download elsewhere as they retain exclusive rights to provide game and add on downloads

How do you download the map pack on black ops for ps3?

Downloads for PS3 game add ons are best accomplished through the PlayStation Store after First Strike is released for the PS3

How do you get mods from your computer to your PS3?

You don't computer game mods will not work on the PS3 and the PS3 USB port does not go to the games section of the PS3 hdd to allow uploading of games, add ons, or mods

How do you install PS3 add on maps for call of duty?

OK what i know is that all you have to do (for PS3) is go to the PS3 store and look for add-ons (it'll be on the left) then search for what ever call of duty game you have, next click on the add-on then purchase. if its for X-box then sorry because i only have a PS3

How do you download on a PS3?

To download on the PS3 for games and add ons you must go through the Playstation store. For Music and Videos there are more options like Netflix that you can join through your PS3