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go to create a class once you are a high enough level equip it as your secondary weapon

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Q: How do you use a rpg on Call of Duty Black Ops?
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How do you beat the helicopter on call of duty black ops?

you shot it with a RPG or a machine gun

How do you shoot a helicopter on Call of Duty Black Ops?

First you need an rpg or a Law, The law is on one of the custom classes that you start off with, its with the m16.

Best way to make scrambled eggs?

Call of duty blacks ops Rpg of course

How do you get behind the bar in Kino Call of Duty Black Ops?

you just have to walk behind it. And i bet if you had a level 3 rpg you could break the glass in Kino.

How do you shoot the rpg on call of duty black ops for the ds lite?

To shoot an rpg, you must hold the left trigger button. when you do that, your weapon sits in the middle of the screen. The aim at whatever the target is and click the right trigger while HOLDING the left trigger.

Which is better skyrim or Call of Duty?

call of duty is better than skyrim. Skyrim is a good game with its free roam its 3rd person perspective and how its a first player rpg game and i like how it has magic, weapons,dragons,and a mixture of stuff but Call of duty is better because of the kill streaks, campaign,a special mode like special ops and zombies but some call of duty games don't have that ,and the online multiplayer as in call of duty black ops and the new black ops 2 can let offline players play with bots but without leveling up and every attachment,perk,gun,and every lethal/tactical grenades is unlocked so this is why i think call of duty is better than skyrim but both of them are good games

How can you get 11 killstreak in black ops no prob?

grenades or rpg

What guns are in Call of Duty Black Ops?

Assault riflesM16EnfieldM14FamasGalilAUGFN FALAK-47CommandoG11Sniper riflesL96AWDragunovWA2000PSG1Submachine gunsMP5KSkorpionMAC10AK74uUziPM63MPLSpectreKiparisLight Machine GunsHK21RPKM60Mini-Gun (obtained from Care Packages)ShotgunsKS-23SPASOlympiaIthacaHS-10SpecialsCrossbowBallistic KnifePistolsM1911.357 MagnumPythonMakerovASPCZ75LaunchersM202A1 (Grim Reaper)RPG-7China lakeStrelaM72

What is a good shooting game for xbox 360?

Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Mass Effect 2 (Also an RPG), Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption, and the list goes on

How do you get out of the crash site in Call of Duty Black Ops?

wait for woods and bowman to slice the netting near the box with the china lake, pick up the sniper rifle and keep shooting at the vc until the plane is hit by the rpg. you will get up and run to the cockpit, and the it will fall down and you will black out.

How do you get the golden RPG in call of duty modern warfare?

To my knowledge, there is no golden RPG in CoD4 or MW2. If you have seen one, it was likely a mod.

What level do you unlock RPG-7 X 2 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

You unlock the RPG at level 65.