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Press Y then just fly

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Q: How do you use a jet pack on roblox?
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How do you use jet pack in roblox?

scroll in and hold mouse.

What is the cheat for a jet pack on grand theft auto vice city stories for psp?

There is no cheat for a jet pack in the game.You cannot even use a jet pack as the developer haven't provided an jet pack in the game.

How to get jet pack in GTAiv?

There aren't any jet packs in GTA IV. If you're playing this game on the PC, though, there are mods that allow you to use a jet pack.

Can you use a puffle in jet pack on club penguin?


What do you use the jet pack for in early poptropica?

To fly!

On saints row how do you get a jet pack?

No you can not get a jet pack

What vehicle can you use to get to high country?

a helicopter or jet pack..

How can you fly without a plane?

you use a helicopter jet pack

Is there a way to use your jet pack on astro knight island?


How do you get a jet pack on clubpenguin?

You get it in the jet pack game on the beacon.

How can you get a jet pack in gta vice city?

You cannot get a jet pack in the game.The game have not provided a jet pack to be used.

Can you find a jet pack in GTA vice city for psp?

No there is not jet pack in vice city.You cannot get a jet pack.