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every time you see it say got a nibble press a and soon you will hook a Pokemon

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Q: How do you use a fishing pole in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Do you use a fishing pole to catch whiscash?

Fishing pole? You use a Super Rod to catch it. There is no fishing poles Pokemon,only Old Rods,Good rods, and of course Super Rods.

How do you use a fishing pole in Pokemon tower defence?

press spacebar or z

What do Jem and scout use to put note in boos window?

They use a pole on which they attach the letters to.

Were do i find corphish in Pokemon sapphire?

use a fishing rod at the bottom of petalburg town! at the pond at the bottom

What is best Pokemon to use in Pokemon sapphire?

the best pokemon to use is mudkip.

What Pokemon do you use to breed Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?


What tools does a ichthyologist use?

fishing pole and rope

What type of fishing rod do you use to catch staryu in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can use either the good rod or super rod the super rod will work more often for finding staryu.

How many fishing poles can you use in west Virginia?

Generally you can only use one fishing pole in a vagina

Where to catch Pokemon?

Wild Pokemon are found in grassy areas. You have to wander through the grass until you scare one up to fight with. The exception is water Pokemon. For these you have to buy a fishing pole and go fishing. Remember to capture a Pokemon you would have to weaken it then use a pokeball. If you defeat it completely you cannot capture it.

How can you get in the cave of origin in Pokemon sapphire version?

use their Pokemon

How do you fish Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald?

It´s easy: First go to your bag. Then go to your key items. Select the Fishing Rod (if you have one). Press use.