How do you use IMVU actions?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well in the newest imvu version, when you wear the action, under your avatar the action trigger words appear in a bar. You click on them and your avatar does the actions

You can find most of your actions in the accessories section.

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Q: How do you use IMVU actions?
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Where do you get commands for imvu?

you can buy them in the shop theres all sorts of actions on there you can get

How do you squeezykiss someone on imvu?

You must be 18 years of age and must own an AP pass in order to use the pink special actions.

Do you have to use webcam on imvu?


What are the actions on IMVU?

Well there are many IMVU poses and Danice's but some are bear hug ,boo, nuts ,kick,blow kiss , and more those are some Ty and 1

Can you use credits to buy vip on imvu?


Do you use poses on imvu after you bought them?


How do you use poses on imvu?

You need to buy them in the imvu catalog on their website, you can't view the poses (which sucks, I know.)

How do you dance at Imvu?

you click o yourself and a thing will pop up you go to actions and dance sould be in therehope this helps

How do you do the new imvu crash code?

*use 92931849429818742759

What is code 481 from imvu?

Its a error problem that means you cant use debit cards on imvu v.v you can use gift cards and credit cards and the rest though

How do you reappear on imvu?

If your avatar disappears, then use one of the emoticons that turn your avatar into a face. This will reload your avi. If you need the emoticon codes, then go to The IMVU Mafias. They keep lists of codes for IMVU.

What is Ap on imvu?

Ap on Imvu , stands for Action Pass. Actions Pass are used for buying or seeing or even making items in/for the IMVU catalogs, Users under 8+ will not see any of these items until they are 8+ and have bought the Action Pass. Action passes also include 15,000 credits sometimes.