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Go on and if you haven't logged in, you log in and the you browse for the picture in your folder and you press upload. There we have it.

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Q: How do you upload images for your forums on the game marapets?
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What is a game exactly like marapets?


How do you use the eyetoy on sims 2 on ps2?

Well you turn it on, select the eyetoy feature on the pause menu and the you can upload images into the game.

Is there a site on-line where you can create a Pokemon and upload it to your DS game?

Well, if you want to create glitch pokemon, go to That website will soon have the Glitch Creator (Late Feburary 2009) and you can upload it to your DS. Meanwhile, check out the codes and the videos and the great forums.

When can you upload on powder game?

You can upload a game on powder game whenever you want as long as you follow these rules:You need to be logged in to your accountYou can only upload once in two daysOnly the creator of the game can upload a new game when in his/her downloadOnly 50 games can be uploaded in 12 hours

Is marapets for girls?

Not at all! Like myself, I play marapets on a constant ratio and many other males play this game as well. Marapets was created for both genders to have fun with pets and not worry about paying anything like in Neopets. Consider Marapets as the mirror to neopets, except simpler, and a much nicer community with moderators online. Marapets was designed so that it had aspects for both GUYS and GIRLS. That is why you can find a clothing shop for both genders on Minipet Island. Marapets Username: Callacose (Male)

What is marapets?

Marapets is a game similar to Neopets, but has a few differences, such as having your own human character.Marapets has many fun flash games for you to play. New games are always being added! Marapets also has a few dressup games where you can dress up celebrities with different clothing.

What game file do you upload for Game Maker?

If you want people to be able to edit it upload the source code (*.gmk or *.gm81). If you want people to not edit your game or engine upload it as an executable (*.exe).

Does anybody know a good animal game?

Marapets is a fun game with many features such as banks, dress up, arcade games and more.

How do you upload a second time on powder game?

You can only upload about every 24 hours.

How do you get into the frugooscape game instead of forums?

( == == ==

How do you upload your character on saints row the third?

You have to have an account at the game creators website and an active game character in the game. Then you can select an option on the main menu to upload the character.

How to upload materials for game maker?

Work out.