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To upgrade your radio in Pokémon Gold, go to the radio tower in Lavender Town. There you will be given the radio card.

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Q: How do you upgrade your radio on Pokemon Gold?
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How do you find Snorelax on Pokemon Gold Version?

its by fusha u have to haVE the upgrade from the guy in the old radio station n lavender tho to wake him up

How do you move srorlax in the Kanto region in Pokemon heart gold?

upgrade you radio go to a radio tower i think then approach him turn on the radio & towards the top there is a new station n he will wake up mad lol

Where can you get the upgrade on Pokemon Gold?

in the silph co. building.

How do you get the radio upgrade in Pokemon Soul silver?

after restoring the power from the power plant, go to the radio tower in kanto and talk to the guy in the suit, he will give you an upgrade for the radio app, then talk to the guy on the bottom right in the room and he will upgrade you radio

What do you do with the upgrade in Pokemon Gold?

You give it to a Porygon and trade it, to get a Porygon 2.

How do you move the big Pokemon to get into the Diglett's cave on Pokemon Heart Gold?

go to the radio tower in lavender town and talk to the man at the top area of the room and he will give you a pokegear upgrade to the radio then go back to the snorlax and open the radio up go to the top of circle it will say pokeflute. hope i helped

Where is the radio tower in Pokemon Gold?


Where do you get the radio upgrade on Pokemon soul silver?

Once you've given the part to the manager at the power plant, go to the kanto radio tower in lavender and talk to the director on the ground floor and he will upgrade your radio.

How do you wake Snorlax in Pokemon Crystal?

You must get an upgrade for the Radio PokeGear app and use it.

How do you get the Pokemon music channel in Pokemon gold?

Go in the Pokemon radio station and talk to any

If you have put the pokeflute in trash how do you get it back ion Pokemon heartgold?

there are no pokefluts in heart gold and soul silver,, you need to upgrade your pokegear radio,, and you need to manual find the pokeflut channel,, its near the top.

Do they upgrade the money in daycare for Pokemon gold?

They charge $100 "down payment" and $100 for each level they increase your Pokemon.