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First you must gain enough experience with the Tool to be able to upgrade it.

You gain experience by using the Tool many times.

Once your Tool is experience enough to be upgraded use the Phone in your house to call the Blacksmith.

You will need money and an Ore. You get Ores from breaking rocks in the Mines.

Once you have the correct Ore it will take a few days for your Tool to be upgraded.

Gray will deliver it to your house once it is completed.

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Q: How do you upgrade tools harvest moon ds?
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What is the best upgrade for tools in harvest moon ds?

Mythic is the best.

How can you upgrade the tools for free in Harvest Moon DS?

no, it will always cost money.

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yes you can

On harvest moon island of happiness for DS how do you upgrade your house?

You buy the upgrade from Gannon's shop.

How do you get the kitchen on harvest moon ds?

Get tv shopping channel, then upgrade your house.

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On Harvest moon DS you have to unlock 2 on the Harvest sprite station

How do you get a house upgrade on year 2 in harvest moon ds?

which harvest moon? if it's island of happiness you go to Gannon and select build and then select upgrade house! B)

How do you upgrade tools in harvest moon ds?

You have to call Saibara the Blacksmith by going over to the phone in your house. But before you do this you have to have obtained ores from the mine. Hope this helps. :)

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Yes you can, but you will need to upgrade your house and get married first.

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You can upgrade it at the carpenter's shop.

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