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Q: How do you up your visa level in the sims world adventures?
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What visa level do you have to be to purchase a vacation home in Sims 3 World Adventures?

3, you can gain these from Adventures.

How do you own a home in Egypt on sims 3 world adventures?

You need a visa level of 3 to buy a home in Egypt.

How do you get a Level 1 visa for the Sims 3 World Adventures?

You need to complete opportunities in that country, which you can do by clicking on the board by the mailbox on the home lot in that country.

On sims 3 world adventures can you live in another place?

You are allowed to buy a vactation house in Egypt,china. and France but you need a high visa level

How do you get visa skills on The Sims 3 World Adventures?

When you go on vacation, you will need to click on the billboard that doubles as a mailbox and pick 'Search for Adventures'. The more adventures that you do, the more Visa Points you get for yourself.

How do you gain visa level on The Sims 3 World Adventures?

All u have to do is do some missions when u go to a different country like Eygpt,Paris,or china on that bord that sparkels! Good luk! X

How do you get visa skills on The Sims 3?

when you travel to different locations, you have to use the shining board to "search for adventures!" the more adventures you do, the more Visa points your sim collects.

Can go move to different countrys on sims world of adventures?

well is you get to visa level 3 you can buy a vacataion home and stay for about 12ish days but i don't think you can actually live there. ok hope that helps ya ;)

How can you own vacation homes in the sims 3 PC?

you mean like a vacation home? you can only purchase one with your phone after you reach a certain visa level.

Sims 3 world adventures how do you buy a house abroad?

You need to have a level 3 Visa for the place you want to buy a house in (etc Egypt) then there should be an option on your phone saying buy Vacation home. Hope that helps xx

What is the code for getting higher visa level in sims 3?

there is none

Can you by a house in champs les sims?

Yes, but I believe you have to have your visa level at 3.