How do you unlock treasure book?

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To unlock from treasure book, you must buy a Club Penguin toy. you can buy them from target and places like that. The toy comes with a code. go to the unlock items online, then click i have a code, then enter it and then you have the treasure book. NOTE: Some codes can unlock 2 codes instead of 3. Add me on cp My Name is Shadow7320

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Q: How do you unlock treasure book?
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How do you unlock the treasure book?

find the treasure book's key

How do you unlock items in the treasure book in club penguin?

You have to have a toy code. Type it in the unlock items part and you will be in the treasure book.

Can you unlock a guitar in treasure book in clubpenguin?


What does the code treasure unlock?

The codes unlock a treasure book. You can get special items that you can't get in the regular Club Penguin Catalog.

How do you get treasure book?

you have to unlock it by the code. buy it at kmart

On Club Penguin how can you get an ipod?

unlock it in the treasure book

Where is the treasure book on Club Penguin?

You can look at the treasure book by clicking on toys and then treasure book, but you can't unlock anything in it unless you have a code from a toy. When you do have a code from a toy, and when you are first logging on, click on the unlock item button. Click on toy, and enter the code you get on your toy. Sometimes it depends on what toy you get. from there, you can unlock anything you want in the treasure book.

Where to buy club peugin treasure books?

you cant buy a treasure book but you can get a toy of club penguin so you can unlock stuff from the treasure book

How do you unlock stuff in the treasure book?

u cant hahahahaha

How do you unlock the treasury book on club penguin?

To unlock a Treasure book on Club Penguin, you need to purchase a Club Penguin toy. This toy comes with a code you can redeem to unlock a certain treasure book.Double Mvp

How do you unlock the treasure book on club penguin?

You have to get a toy code from target and type in your code then go to treasure book and choose product

How do you get the penguin band sweatshirt on Club Penguin?

You can unlock it from the treasure book

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