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earn credits

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Q: How do you unlock the super chief in ford racing off road game?
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Where can one find a live footage video of the Ford Super Chief in action?

One can see live video footage of the Ford F-250 Super Chief on YouTube and on Ford's official website. The Ford F-250 Super Chief is a concept vehicle which will allow one to choose from 3 types of fuel.

How many Ford Super Chief conept trucks are there in the world?

Their is approximately ten super chiefs and my friend recently saw one.

How much does a Ford super chief cost?

My dad works for ford and says they r thinking of pricing a beast like this at $250,000

How much will a 2012 ford super chief cost?

It is only a concept vehicle but Ford says that if it goes into production the price will be around $50,000.

When did Ford Racing DS happen?

Ford Racing DS happened in 2005.

When did Ford Street Racing happen?

Ford Street Racing happened in 2006.

When was Ford Racing created?

Ford Racing was created on 1901-10-10.

When did Ford Racing - series - happen?

Ford Racing - series - happened in 2004.

When was Ford Racing DS created?

Ford Racing DS was created in 2005-09.

What are the ford street racing cheats?

Unlock All Cars, Tracks, Challenges, Championships. Get $840,042 in Cash Freeze Money, Lap Time, Car Speed.

When was Ford Street Racing created?

Ford Street Racing was created on 2006-09-19.

When was Ford Racing - series - created?

Ford Racing - series - was created on 2004-10-29.