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How do you unlock the mountain area on my sims for DS?

You have to build the Gondola and then ask Emily (the girl in the pink hat) to go for a ride at the top of the mountain and you will be at the mountain! SIMPLE
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Q: How do you unlock the mountain area on my sims ds?
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Can you have babies in Sims 2 on DS?

no, your sims can not have children on the DS version of the sims 2. you have to have the gba gameboy version of sims 2 as well in order to unlock the have babies option: have both games in their slots and turn on your ds. it should then unlock the option on your ds game.

When do you unlock skydiving on my sims DS?

get away from the pond.

What girl outfits can you unlock on sims 2 ds?

You can unlock Mama Hogg's and Ava Cadavra's.

How do you unlock the have babies option in sims 2 on ds?

You have to get the Sims 2 game boy advance game and have them both in your DS at the same time. Then you can have babys.

How do you unlock things on my sims agents?

In My Sims DS you unlock things by completing missions that are given to you in your HQ In My Sims Wii you unlock things by completing missions and finding items while exploring the different places that you travel

How do you get elizabeth's mountain in my sims ds?

get to star level 3 or 4

How do you unlock every outfit on Sims 2 ds?

go on cheats world click on s ans the sims 2 will come up.

How do you get the cow shed on sims 2 on DS?

i dont think you can unlock the cow shed , when you finish the game you can only collect things but not unlock the cow shed ...

Can you have kids on my sims ds?

no you can not have kids on my sims for ds.

Can your Sims woohoo on The Sims 3 DS?

Yes you can woohoo on sims for ds and dsi.

Do sims get married on The Sims 2 castaways for the ds?

your sims can't get married in the sims 2 Castaway for the DS.

Can sims get married on sims 2 for ds?

nope, not on the DS version.