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By finishing the Mercenaries game. Get a 5 stars in each characters and you will unlock the handcannon.

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Q: How do you unlock the handcannon in re4?
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Can you unlock the handcannon in re4 by beating it twice?

Nope just simplify beat the SEPERATE WAYS and the ASSIGNMENT ADA and beat the normal game in proffesional. Once you beat the game in that way you will may unlock the HANDCANNON in Resident evil 4

How do you get the handcannon on re4?

You must unlock the Mercenaries minigame and complete all levels with all characters with five stars each. It is difficult but worth it.

Hot to get handcannon on re4?

By finished the mercenaries game in 5 stars on each characters.

How do you get handcannon in re4?

You have to get 5 stars for all characters on all stages, in the Mercenaries Mode after you complete the game once.

How do you unlock the Handcannon in re5?

by upgrading s&w m500 by its full upgrades...if you beat the game in veteran your UPGRADED S&W M500 will unlock HandCannon... Once you upgrade this weapon you will unlock Chris Warrior Costume 2nd Image...

What are all the unlockable guns for Resident Evil 5?

M93R --- Handgun that is kind of like the Matilda from RE4 (Fully Upgrade M92F to unlock) Gattling Gun ---- Mini Gun only usable by only Chris (Fully Upgrade VZ61 to unlock) Longbow ---- A longbow which is very strong but hard to aim usable by only Sheva (Fully Upgrade S75 to unlock) Hydra ---- Which is a 3 barrel shotgun (Fully Upgrade Ithaca M37 to unlock) S&W M500 Magnum ---- Which is basically the Handcannon from RE4. (Fully Upgrade S&W M29 Magnum to unlock)

How do you unlock the handcannon in Resident Evil 4?

Well you have to 5 star all the mercinaries that's how

Why can't president's daughter shows her nipples in re4?

you have to unlock it then you can se eher naked

How can you get all secret weopons in re4?

there are a number of secret weapons in re4. the infinite rocket launcher is the easiest. all you have to do is beat the game and have 1million dollars. the Tommy gun is the second easiest. all you have to do is beat assignment Ada. the prlx handcannon all you have to do is beat the game on professional. for the exploding pistol all you have to do is get 5 stars on every match

How do you unlock the handcannon in Resident Evil 4 for ps2?

Get a 5 star rank in every level with every character in the missionaries.

On Resident Evil 4 how do you unlock Claire Redfield?

There is no Claire Redfield on Re4. You outta yo mindfoo?

What is the Secret In Resident Evil 4 after you get all 5 stars in the Mercenaries scenario?

You get the most awesome weapon in Re4. The Handcannon. Once upgraded fully it has unlimited ammo and will be as powerful as the Chicago Typewriter. One hit kill for all zombies!