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if you keep on doing all the games eventually u will unlock it!

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Q: How do you unlock the dart game on mathletics?
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How do you unlock games in Mathletics?

You just keep on making gold bars and then you unlock all of the games!I am currently working on unlocking the elephant game!

What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is a math's game and it has lot's of activity's and game's you can unlock. BUT you will need a password and username from your teacher. When you sign in you will have to create your own person.If you go on live mathletics you will see vs computer or find me a game or report.You will get credit's (money) if you beat your record or do activity's. If you want you can spend your credit's for stuff's.i wouldn't bother goin on it if i were u quite boring if ur in primary skool tut pup is beta cause u get to verse people all over the world in maths,spelling,algebra.Also, if you are looking for a free mathletics account -sm22050 spoil56jh38991 pass: foxes14

Where can you find a game similar to world maths day for free?

World Maths Day is developed by the same people that develop Mathletics . Part of the full Mathletics learning platform is Live Mathletics which is the real time multi player game engine

What is the purpose of Mathletics?

Mathletics is a math game which is designed to make math learning fun and enjoyable for children. Mathletics re-enforces many of the techniques taught in school and helps to promote a deeper understanding.

Is dart tag a sport?

Dart tag is not a sport, it is a game you play with people: ex.nerf dart tag is a game. p.s. this is what me and my friends discussed about. XD

What Is A Magnum Nerf dart?

I'm thinking it's either a sonic micro dart, or just a random dart in the game

How do you get old mathletics?

just type in mathletics

How do you get the old mathletics?

just type in mathletics

How can you get a lot of points on mathletics?

How do you get heaps of points on mathletics

How do you get points on mathletics?

To get points on Mathletics, you have to either get points from the activities or go on live mathletics and you study hard.

When was mathletics discovered?

mathletics wasn't discovered, it was invented

How do you get the old mathletics back?

just type in mathletics