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To unlock the gym at Sootapolis, you must first complete the Aqua/Magma stage of the game. If you have not done so already, you must find Team Aqua's Underwater Hideout. This is a cavern beneath the water and can be reached using the HM Dive.

Once you reach the hideout, you must make your way through it, and once you defeat the leader, it will start to rain. When it does, fly back to Sootapolis, where you will need to talk to Steven. He will show you to a cave in the city, which you must enter to find Wallace. He will ask you where Rayquaza is; tell him the Sky Pillar, which is located in Pacifilodge. He will then leave.

Now you must go to Pacifilodge. There is a narrow breakaway from the rocks. Go through it, follow the short path, and you will see a big tower. Go inside and through it. When you do so, Wallace will talk to you, tell you to find Rayquaza, and leave. There will be an even bigger tower, inside of which is Rayquaza. Find him, then return to Sootapolis. There will be a short cutscene, and when it ends, the gym will be unlocked.

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Q: How do you unlock the 8th gym in Pokemon emrild?
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awww by beating the 7th gym

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its actually the 8th gym so you need 7 badges and then it will unlock

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Go through the cave of origin.

How do you unlock the 8th gym doors on Pokemon emerald?

Find the key at a under water cave

How do you unlock the 8th gym doors on Pokemon sapphire?

You have to get Kyogre and then go to the ciuty it is in and got to the chamber.

Where is a Pokemon trainer that has an ambipom?

the 8th gym leader in sunyshore city. to unlock it cath palkia or dialga.

How do you get the 8th gym bage in Pokemon fire red?

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How do you unlock Pokemon tower in Pokemon emerald for vba when you do the poke league and goes to sav plays the vid reloads then wont load why?

you can get it before the 8th gym

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Wallace is the 8th gym leader PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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You have to beat the 2nd gym.

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revive a pokemon from a fossil and beat the fire gym leader Actually, you need to get the key from the Pokemon Mansion. It wouldn't make sense to require you to beat the gym in order to unlock the gym!

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