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You unlock super sonic by doing the following: Finish both story modes this unlocks all courses and all missions. Now you must play every mission and receive an extreme ranking on each if done so you will receive a chaos emerald gear now play sonic and find the chaos emerald gear choose it and start the race you will normally not start as super sonic just yet first you got to obtain at least 1 ring there placed almost everywhere so don't worry too much, while your running as sonic you can jump and go to the attack mode area's which are a great "cheat" to win the race once you finally obtain rings you will transform into super sonic. NOTE: This is critical to know before playing super sonic whenever you use gravity control or the gravity dive your rings will drain faster than normal so be extra cautious all though you can use gravity control to your advantage by doing this trick: Right before any attack mode spots drain your rings by using gravity control and become normal sonic run into the attack mode spot to shortcut through the stage grab some rings and turn back to super sonic. Also the best trick to do is to wait until you gain 50 rings then gear change to the metallic barrier because first of all it never goes away second it will magnetically attract the rings to sonic making it easier to get them. Last point to make is once you reach 60 rings super sonic will enter what i call "super sonic mode" he will start going a lot faster and his rings will drain faster so be careful once his rings drop to zero he will return to sonic and go out of super sonic mode (by the way super sonic mode looks like his attack mode but its not so don't try to use attack mode shortcuts when in super sonic mode and if you get the attack mode item you will not lose any rings during the time your in attack mode you can attack foes but you still can't go in attack mode shortcuts so make sure your aware of this also in super sonic mode you can't attack your opponents).

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Q: How do you unlock super sonic on sonic riders zero gravity and in which story mode?
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How do you unlock siver on sonic riders?

Silver is not in Sonic Riders. However, he is unlockable in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity by completing the Babylon story.

How do you unlock Blaze in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

Beat Babylon Story.

How do you unlock shadow on sonic riders zero gravity?

You beat heroes mode on story

How do you unlock crimson crater on sonic riders zero gravity?

Be in 1st place in ether Babylon Story or Sonic Story. I forgot which one it is.

How do you unlock shadow the hedgehog on sonic riders zero gravity?

Shadow - Beat Heroes story

How do you unlock shadow and silver in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

Shadow is unlocked by completing the Hero Story;Silver, complete Babylon Story.

How do you unblock blaze the cat in sonic riders on ps2?

Blaze is not in Sonic Riders. However, she can be found in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity by completing the Babylon story

How do you unlock Rouge the Bat on Sonic Riders?

Beat the Hero story.

Which is better Sonic Riders or Sonic Riders Zero Gravity?

Sonic riders zero gravity is good cause of the character selection was better and the graphics were awesome, but zero gravity kinda sucks since you can't boost like the original sonic riders. I technically think that the story plot was the best in Sonic Riders; it's the game itself and it's plot.

How do you get the robots on sonic riders zero gravity?

the soldier robot you unlock by beating Babylon Story. After that, just win a race against the commander. Hope You Seccseed!

How do you unlock story mode in sonic free riders?

ive never played it

How do you get scr-hp in sonic riders zero gravity?

Really Easy, you unlock SCR-HD in free race after you have beaten the Babylon storyYou unlock SCR-GP by beating the Babylon Story