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The best way to unlock the special items on Pou is to play the games and take good care of your pet. As you progress through the levels, you will unlock special items.

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Q: How do you unlock special items on pou?
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What are AQWorlds codes?

codes that unlock special items in the game

What does the code treasure unlock?

The codes unlock a treasure book. You can get special items that you can't get in the regular Club Penguin Catalog.

How do you unlock items on club penguin with special book?

click play now and when it comes up with log in there is somthing what says unlock items online and then log in and it will say book or code and you will click book and then type it in the code

How do i unlock herbert's items on cp?

To unlock Herbert's items on Club Penguin, you need to meet Herbert during a Club Penguin event or party where he appears. By completing tasks, puzzles, or missions related to Herbert during the event, you can earn exclusive items and rewards associated with him. Keep an eye out for special Herbert-themed events on Club Penguin to unlock his items.

How do you get the passwords on juiced 2 for psp?

Enter the password at the password prompt. KNOX: Unlock Last Man Standing Challenge YTHZ: Unlock Special Challenge #1 JRWS: Unlock Special Challenge #10 WIKF: Unlock Special Challenge #11 FAMQ: Unlock Special Challenge #12 GVDL: Unlock Special Challenge #2 RBSG: Unlock Special Challenge #3 BSLU: Unlock Special Challenge #4 MRHC: Unlock Special Challenge #5 MNCH: Unlock Special Challenge #6 KDTR: Unlock Special Challenge #7 DOPX: Unlock Special Challenge #8 PRGN: Unlock Special Challenge #9

When do you unlock items on sewer run?

u unlock items when u get kudos

On Zombie farm how do you get red zombies?

Get a red Gravestone and unlock red zombies. Red gravestone is located in Market,Items,Special.

What are all of the codes to unlock the items free online for clubpenguin?

You have to go to the unlock items area

How do you grow pou?

Pou is a virtual pet on the android game Pou. You have to raise and nurture your Pou once you get it. Your Pou will grow as long as you feed and care for it.

What does pou mean?


Where is the unlock items online section of club penguin?

When it asks you to select a server click unlock items online.

How many unlock items can you get if you have the unlock items book on club penguin?

Only 2 but you get 1500 dollars extra!