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All i know is in sapphire: you go to the middle of and use FLY

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Q: How do you unlock registeel's chamber?
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What do the dots say when you go inside registeels chamber?

Go to the middle of the room and use flash

How do you get to registeels chamber?

Is off route 120 near lilycove. Is up a few levels and through some grass. To open the door, read the middle braille, and then use fly in the middle of the room

How do you unlock a chamber match on svr09?

Do you mean a Elimanation chamber if that's what you mean you don't

Where is registeels cave in Pokemon Sapphire?

Registeels' cave is on Route 120. Once you get near the lady who gives out berries, go up the stairs, through the long grass, and up another set of stairs. You should now be at Registeels' tomb.

How do you unlock the elimination chamber in Wii?

um sorry to tell u this but u have to have another system so u cant unlock eleimmation chamber on wii!

Where is registeels tomb on Pokemon sapphire?

in the sky

Where is registeels tomb?

The Ancient Tomb is located in Hoenn on Route 120. To get to Registeel, you must complete the Sealed Chamber's puzzle. Depending on which game you're playing, there are a variety of ways to access the innermost part of the tomb.

How do you unlock elimination chamber match in smackdown vs raw 2009?

it is already there you dont need to unlock it

How do you unlock doors in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?


How do you unlock the sealed chamber in saphire?

u opn the 1st chamber by rading the stone inscripton and then using dig

What is a braille chamber?

A braille chamber is a puzzle which you must solve in order to unlock certain Pokemon, such as Regice, Regirock or Registeel.

How do you unlock sealed chamber even you did not defeated steven in ruby?

you cant