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you hav to unplug the keyboared and unscrew the "n" key. you aoutomatically unlock all portals. hehe they make me giidy.

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Q: How do you unlock portal to Olympus in marvel Ultimate Alliance?
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Can you make a portal to Olympus in Minecraft?

You cant go to Olympus but you can go to the nether.

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What is the Blasted Lands in World of Warcraft?

The Blasted Lands is a mid-level zone in the Eastern Kingdoms. The alliance have a base there. The dark portal is also located in the blasted lands. It is the portal to The Outlands.

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What is on 600th floor of empire state bldg in lightning thief?

In "The Lightning Thief," the 600th floor of the Empire State Building is where Olympus, the home of the gods, is located. This floor serves as a portal to the godly realm, hidden from mortal eyes. The main character, Percy Jackson, accesses Olympus through this floor.

On marvels Ultimate Alliance for playstation 2 how do you defeat Loki when he is the regeneration suit?

The regeneration suit (RS) is not actually Loki because Loki is frozen. You can defeat the RS by entering the portals and break the statues identical to the RS. If you entered a portal where Loki is present inside the ice, make the RS destroy the ice where Loki is in, then you're done.

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What is a portal exit?

A portal is a hole. A portal exit is where you exit out of the hole. A portal entrance is where you enter into the hole.

What happens to ash after army of darkness vs marvel zombies?

In the "Army of Darkness vs. Marvel Zombies" storyline, Ash manages to defeat the Marvel Zombies by trapping them in another dimension using the Necronomicon. With the zombies contained, Ash is able to return to his original dimension and close the portal, preventing the zombies from escaping. The fate of the ash after this particular crossover event is not explicitly mentioned.

What is Hellfire Peninsula in World of Warcraft?

There are a couple ways to get to Hellfire Pennisula. One is to have a mage port you to Shattrath City and you then take a flight path to your factions starting city in Hellfire. The other is to take the portal that is near the portal trainers in the major cities. This will portal you to the Dark Portal. Once through the Dark Portal, take the flight path to your factions starting city. If you are not of the proper level to use the portal that takes you to the Dark Portal, then you will have to have a mage port you to shattrath, or you can just walk/ride there. If you are horde, you can have a mage port you to Stonard and ride from there, its a short distance.

Do you need portal PC to play portal prelude?

You need to buy Portal in order to play the mod Portal: Prelude.