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You complete the levels on mohi fun park

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Q: How do you unlock main street on the moshling boshling game in moshi monsters?
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Is there a code moshi monsters to unlock every moshlings?

No there is no code on Moshi Monsters that will unlock every moshling.

What is the secret code in Moshi Monsters to unlock the moshling zoo?

You have to be a paid member to have a Moshling Zoo. No code is needed.

How do you unlock the super rare moshlings?

There are no moshling rated as 'super rare' on Moshi Monsters. The moshling ratings are common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare.

What is the Arby's code to unlock Bonkers Moshi Monsters?

There isn't a code to unlock Bonkers. Bonkers is not a Moshling. Bonkers is a talking rock-bunny that is a non-playable character on Moshi Monsters, one of the pets in the Underground Disco.

What is the code to unlock Doris on Moshi Monsters?

There is no code for the Doris Moshling on Moshi Monsters. You have to plant seeds in your Moshling Garden, wait for them to grow, then see if the flowers attract Doris.Doris the Rummaging Plotamus [Dinos] any Moon Orchid, any Moon Orchid, Black Moon Orchid

What is mission 14 called on moshi monsters?

mission 14 on moshi monsters is called big top ballyhoo the moshling you unlock is pocito the mini wrestler he is a sportie the zoshling on mission 14 is zoshllingo

How do you unlock street on epic monsters on facebook?

you click on building mode and up on top it will say streets and click on the street that u want.

How do you unlock moshlings on moshi monsters?

you have to be a member to unlock moshlings on moshimonsters but you can find a member usually they walk around with lady googoo and look at there house they might have clue boxes with seed combinatons then you go to the seed cart on main street and buy some seeds and plant the seeds in your garden then ta-da you have a moshling by the next day

How do you get tiamo moshling on moshi monsters without being a member?

you cannot get tiamo if you are not a moshi member because it is found in a super moshi mission and you must be a member to unlock super moshi missions

How do you unlock Liberty the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

061 Liberty the Happy Statue [Worldies] Black Love Berries, Red Love Berries, any Love BerriesLiberty was also hatched from an egg for Twistmas 2012.

Can you unlock things on Moshi Monsters?

You can unlock items by levelling up.

How do you unlock Roxy in moshi monsters?

To unlock Roxy you need to type in HOBBIDIDANCE in the secret code bit when you log in. then when you go to the moshling garden there will be a plant in your plant place called radiant Roxy rose. plant that in with two other plants. it doesnt matter which ones you plant. then when your plants have grown you will have Roxy!