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To get Krystalack, you must be an alien character and go to a level in new york called terran mind control. In that level there will be a pit with purple vapors and large purple crystal in the center. destroy the crystal and complete the level. After that, return to new york after a couple of matches and there should be a level called the rise of Krystalack. Defeat him and he will be in store for 20,000 store points.

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Q: How do you unlock krystalack in Godzilla unleashed for the Wii?
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Is there a code to get monster x in Godzilla unleashed for wii?

let make think unlocking monster x in godzilla unleashed for wii later pressings version Yes i think so you will unlock him type in the 30719 and monster x will be unlocked and you will play as him in story mode. now the transformation for monster x all you have to do is to press A B C Z and monster x will transform to keizer ghidorah and there you have it.

How do you get Mecha King Ghidorah from Godzilla unleashed Wii?

play as either baragon or anguris on invasion level and defeat king ghidorah and then play the level mecha king ghidorah and defeat him and unlock for the store.

How do you unlock Krystalak in Godzilla Unleashed Wii?

you play as a alien on terran-mind control at new york and destroy the giant crystal thing in the pit then complete the mission then return to new york on the level called rise of krystalak and defeat him to unlock him in store.

Is there a jaws unleashed game for Wii?

is there a jaws unleashed in wii

How do iget unlock zilla for Godzilla unleashed on wii?

Most people say that zilla is not in the game. But according to other resources I've seen, If you use the cheat 204935, and then play all the levels that unlock monsters correctly (like playing as an earth defender in "Rumble in the Surf" and smashing a glowing building), zilla, king Kong, Godzilla Jr, Gamera, Battra, Monster X, and C-Rex. However, I have no idea if this will work since I've never tried it. But the website I got this information from has reviews, and 67% of the people who tried and reviewed this cheat say it works.

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How do you unlock irran on Godzilla unleashed wii?

irran is not on godzilla unleashed wii sorry.

How do you unlock Ebirah in Godzilla Unleashed?

Ebirah is not playable in Godzilla Unleashed and never will be.

How do you unlock ebira on Godzilla unleashed for wii?

You can't it can only be obtained in the Wii version of Godzilla unleashed.

What is the code to unlock all monsters for sale on Godzilla unleashed?

for wii its 975013

In the Wii release of Godzilla Unleashed how do you unlock the mutant faction?

just buy it in the store

Is biollante on Godzilla unleashed for ps2?

No, but you can her on wii.

Is Godzilla unleashed for game cube?

No, it is not. Godzilla Unleashed is for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii. Godzilla, Save the earth is on Gamecube, though.

Cheat codes for Godzilla unleashed on wii?

The cheat menu but I have the Wii

How do you get all character even Titanosaurus in ps2 Godzilla unleashed?

Sorry youcant get them. They only put them on Godzilla Unleashed for the Wii. It sucks because I wanted to do that too. So if you have a Wii by it for the Wii.

How much money is Godzilla Unleashed?

49.99 for wii

How do you get titanosaurus in Godzilla unleashed wii?

Gamera is not in Godzilla Unleashed so it is impossible to unlock in the game, because of copy right laws between Daei and Toho. Gamera`s wire skeleton is in the shipping version for the Wii,but it is impossible to unlock him. unless you modify your Wii and Hack into Godzilla Unleashed.

What are the Godzilla unleashed version types?

ps2,wii and the ds