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First of all you have to beat Aquila in easy mode, then restart the game in expert mode, later take the quest in Silverleaf's inn, where a man asks you to find maria, later go back to the orphanage and talk to Clamon and the you go, Elementalist will be unlocked.

P.s. The Elementalist has somme sick skills.

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Q: How do you unlock elementalist in heroes of lore zero?
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To unlock the Gunblader you need to complete these quests in Humming City's Inn: *Arena, after completing the arena. Talk to the guy inside the inn, right room. he will give you a quest where you need to be a Gunslinger and conquer the arena, after its done you will unlock the Gunblader. **I did it in Expert** To unlock the Elementalist *Unlock Gunblader and complete at least 80% of the game ENJOY

How do you find maria in heroes lore zero?

at mellon city (inn 2nd floor

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OK after taking the quest from the man in the village go to melon city and you will find her at the second floor at the inn then return to her husband

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