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you buy the map pack

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Q: How do you unlock bernie in gears of war 3?
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How do you unlock savage kantus in gears of war 3?

How do you unlock civilian anya

How do you unlock supestar cole on gears of war 3?

get 25 MVPs

Did you have to play the gears of war 3 beta to unlock cole train?


How do you unlock gears of war 3 beta?

you had to have to purchased the bullet storm ultimate edition.

How do you do a gun execution in gears of war 3?

for xbox 360 press and hold y but you have to unlock it first

Who will be in gears of war 3?

There is no Gears of War 3

How do you unlock cole train in gears of war 3?

The Cole Train character could have been unlocked in the beta but for now, there doesnt seem any way to unlock him.

Will there be a gears of war?

Yes, there will be a gears war 1,2,and 3

What is gears of war 3 beta?

The demo version of Gears of War 3 for free.

Where will there be gears of war 3 figures?

Gears of war 3 figures are available now.

Is there gears of war 3?

yes, there is a gears of war 3 its release date is sep. 20, 2011. the beta was awesome. If you're a gears of war fan you would of loved it.

How many sequels did gears of war generate?

The game has two sequels, Gears of War 2 which is out now and Gears of War 3 that is released in April 2011. Gears of War 3 is supposed to be the last.