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When you go to your job, and you see a babysitting job, mouse over the letter P and it will tell you how you can unlock that job. :) Glad I could help!!

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Q: How do you unlock babysitting job on webkinz?
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Why are Webkinz blocked?

You have to buy webkinz then unlock the code.

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you can't. You have to buy it when you unlock a webkinz clothing peice

What is difference between babysitter and babysitting?

A babysitter is a person and babysitting is a job.

What are the release dates for The Babysitting Job - 2014?

The Babysitting Job - 2014 was released on: USA: 10 January 2014

Where do you get a webkinz bookmark in the game webkinz?

You can't get a bookmark on the website Webkinz, but if you buy one in real life, it comes with a code that will allow you to unlock something on Webkinz.

How is Woodland Wonders unlocked in Webkinz?

All that you need to do to unlock Woodland Wonders in Webkinz World is purchase a webkinz figurine and then unlock its secret code in the Code Shop. You can only visit once a day, though.

Unlock code for webkinz?

you have to go buy one

On Webkinz Rally in Webkinz what are the 'styles' you need to unlock new vehicles?

a "style" is a style class at the Kinzville Academy.

Is there any job for a 15 year old in accrington lancashire?

A job for a 15 year old in Accrington Lancashire is odd jobs such as babysitting. Another job is babysitting or cleaning.

How do you unlock zums sighting on webkinz?

you have to buy a kinz clip

Where can teen that are 16 get a job?

at 16 you can get a job at local restraunt or babysitting

What is a good job for an eleven year old girl?

babysitting job