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Hey dude, you buy them, go to the book on the table

-Spyro King-

Um, I think after u buy all the furniture on the table, u can unlock more by: beating the elite 4 ten times, planting thirty berries, and.......that's all I can remember. U can find out how to unlock more on YouTube.

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Q: How do you unlock all the furniture for your villa in platinum?
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How do you get all the villa furniture on Pokemon Platinum?

Just go to the book on the table and pick what you want.

What happens when you get all the furniture in your villa?

i think alot of people come in

How do you get platinum trophy on uncharted 2?

Unlock all the other trophies, then you will get the platinum.

How do you get a platinum in ghostbusters video game?

To get the platinum trophy you must unlock all the other trophies.

Is there an action replay code for all villa furniture in Pokemon platinum?

Here you go:All Villa Furniture921f7324 00002801121f7326 0000e001121f7336 0000e001121f7346 0000e001121f7356 0000e001121f7366 0000e050121f737a 000046c0121f73c2 0000e022121f73d2 0000e01a121f73e2 0000e012121f73f2 0000e00a121f7404 0000e001d2000000 00000000To use this code, make sure all other codes are turned off on your Action Replay. Activate this code, go to the Resort Area, and hold in L+R as you enter the villa. Check the catalog, and you should have every item available for purchase.

What US AR code for Pokemon Platinum gives you all villa items without any chance of your game freezing?

I got all villa items by getting the max cash code which you can find on the internet.

What is the easiest way to get a platinum trophy on ps3?

unlock all other trophies in a game

How can you get all the items for your villa in Pokemon platinum?

save up l;ots of money and look at the order form and buy

What is the working ar code for all villa items in pkmn platinum us version?

Unlock All of the Villa Items [Always On] 921f7324 00002801 121f7326 0000e001 121f7336 0000e001 121f7346 0000e001 121f7356 0000e001 121f7366 0000e050 121f737a 000046c0 121f73c2 0000e022 121f73d2 0000e01a 121f73e2 0000e012 121f73f2 0000e00a 121f7404 0000e001 d2000000 00000000 Miguel- It doens't work! If it does, somebody tell me how exactly!!!

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What happens when you get all the small weapons in assassins creed 2?

Nothing "happens." You just unlock all small weapons and can access them in Villa Auditore to use them as you please.

How can you get furniture for the villa in platinum?

There Are 20 Item's To Unlock. They are:ITEM + PRICE:1 Audio System = 160,0002 Bed = 187,0003 Big Sofa = 120,0004 Bookshelf = 150,0005 Chandelier6 Night Table 58,0007 Table8 TV = 220,0009 Rack = 127,00010 Houseplant = 120,00011 PC Desk = 168,00012 Music Box13 Pokemon Bust14 Guest Set15 Wall Clock16 Tea Set17 Small Sofa = 90,00018 Table19 Pokemon Statue20 Grand Piano