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The various characters within the game are unlocked by completeing various objectives. Mostly completing the tournaments, singles and doubles, in each level of difficulty will unlock the corresponding character.

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Q: How do you unlock all characters in Sonic and Sega Superstars Tennis?
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How do you unlock all planets in Sega superstars tennis?

Beat the mission with sonic or shadowor egg man

When will super sonic galaxy come out?

Never.... Although Sonic Team and Nintendo have worked on the same team before, they will never make a Super Sonic Galaxy or Mario and the Black Knight or any other game that has already been made by the other. I will give you that Sega Superstars Tennis bears a very close resemblance to Mario Power Tennis and Sega Superstars Racing (yet to be released) is basically Mario kart with sonic characters and different maps and powerups.

Can you unlock other characters in Sonic Drift?


In Sega Superstars Tennis how do you unlock all of the stages for DS?

you can't unlock it because you can't play it.

How do you unlock secret characters in Mario and sonic at the olympic games?

You start off with every character. There are no secret characters to unlock.

How do you unlock sonic origins characters?

como desbloqueio personagens

How do you unlock super sonic in Sonic Smash Brothers?

"Clear Classic Mode with 10 Characters or 300 matches. Sonic is also known to appear randomly after clearing a few brawls, just try playing the subspace emissary and clear the stage."""

How do you unlock all the characters on sonic riders zero gravity?

you need to beat the game to unlock them

What characters can you unlock in sonic and the black knight?

the characters are sonic,amy,tails,shadow,silver,jet,blaze,knuckles,and king arther

How do you unlock more characters in Mario and sonic at the Olympic games?

There aren't any more characters in it.

How do you unlock super sonic in Super Smash Bros brawl?

There is no shadow the only characters from sonic the hedgehog is sonic

How do you unlock Super Sonic on Ultimate Flash Sonic?

Sorry, but there is no character as 'super sonic' in the game ultimate flash sonic, the only unlock-able characters are Amy Rose and Shadow The Hedgehog. For all the unlocked characters+all cheats+the full Juke box type in the password 595313131313131.