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it is not an unlockable in this game it comes in the High End Lot-Stuff Expansion Pack. Sorry to break it to u but ur only getting it if u pay $20.00 :D

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Q: How do you unlock a heart shaped bed in sims 3?
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How do you get the heart-shaped bed on The Sims 2 Pets?

AnswerIt's a locked thing, you have to unlock it, I have the bed thing. It's hard. that heps. but how do you unlock it is the real question!There is a cheat code, just search it.

How do you unlock a heart bed on the sims bustin out?

use the unlock all objects cheat

How do you unlock the heart bed on the sims bustin out GameCube?

you have to get 5 or 6 promotions in the counter culture career

Can sims on sims2 get pregnant?

You can. You control your 2 ADULT sims to any double bed, when they relax, click on the cudle interaction, then Try for Baby, their is a 60% chance that you sim will get pregnant in bed, 50% chance in clothing booth (public woohoo), and 25% chance in hot tub. Male sims can get pregnant but only if they get abductecd by aliens, and they give birth to an alien baby.

Where can sims woo hoo in sims bustin out?

in the heart bed for 4 500 simoleans

How do you get the love bed on sims 2 bustin out?

You have to unlock the bed in Bust Out mode instead of Free play...Hope that helps...

Can you have a baby at all on any sims games for ps2?

i have heard that there is a 60 chance that you can have a baby on Sims 2 ps2you will need the heart bedif you do not have a heart bed then woohoo 20 timesif you have the heart bed then do it 8 to 12 timeshow to now if you or pregnantthe girl will get out if bed vomit and shortly after that you will give birth

What can you do with the heart bed on the sims 2 for GameCube?

in the sims 2 gamecube what you do with the heart bed is instead of having sx you have to have a good relation ship you dont it should have some thing like mojo press it and it doesnt matter if ur enemys you still get to have sx with them

How do you woohoo sims 2 playstation 2?

HI! first, make sure that the two Sims have a 100 love relationship second, buy the love bed (the pink heart-shaped bed) but you could also buy the double beds third, make thefirst Sims relax then call oer the other Sim when they are both on the bed, select WooHoo, just press X then select Woohoo. When you press X, you can also cuddle or enable mojo HAVE FUN! ^__^ hope this helps. ;)

Can you make your sims wet the bed in sims 2?

no, your sims can't wet the bed in the sims 3.

How do you cuddle in the bed in sims 2?

Get both of the sims in the bed relaxing and select one of the sims that is laying in bed then click on the other sim and select cuddle.

Can you have a baby in sims superstar?

yes go in the vibrating heart bed with your lover then click Woohoo or sumet like that ! xx