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first of all you can't type in any codes without the action replay, but if you go to wall mart the action replay is about $20 then you go to then you choose ds,gba then you type in Pokemon soul silver and then some codes but if you have a dsi action replay then cheat codes already come with it like no wild encounters or hold b+a while walking for encounter and there is a file that says RANDOM ENCOUNTER CODES: sorry

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Q: How do you type in the cheat codes for Pokemon soul silver Can you explain please step by step because all ive heard is that by action replay or b4 the game starts and to be honest that doesnt help?
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there isn't a code for that because the action replay inserts codes it doesnt patch it like software for a system

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use an action replay

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Try updating your firmware or resubscribing.

Is there an action replay code to make a Pokemon turn into sonic?

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What is the Action replay code for a mist stone in Pokemon diamond?

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It doesnt........ the action replay would not............. If u dont believe me,,,,,,,,,,, try it

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